What version of Windows can you play Grand Theft Auto 4 on?

IntroΞ Want to hop in or back into this timeless classic which is GTA 4, but not quite sure whether your version of windows is supported? In this article we cover all the supported versions of windows and where to buy GTA 4 in 2024.

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     GTA 4 has been out for close to 15 years, launched back in April 2008 for consoles and December of that same year for PC. Given that GTA 4 debuted on the Windows 7, it is only rational to inquire as to whether subsequent versions can play the game without encoutering any issue.

     Trying to play video games or run softwares on an unsupported operating system could cause lead to a lot undesired result, the application could outright decide to not run or it might be plagued by bugs, glitches and most especially performance hiccups. 

     GTA 4 launched on Windows 7, and that was what is listed under the games official minumum requirement from the game developer Rockstar. It is important to note that, the original version of GTA 4 is no longer availabe for purchase on PC online by either Steam or Rockstar themself. The only version they sell is game plus all of its DLCs under the name “Theft Auto IV: The Complete Edition” This version of the game has been updated and revamped over the original version, with its minimum requirement being a Windows version 10 as against the initial 7.

Rockstar clearly states on their site on the GTA 4 buy page that: This game will no longer support Windows 7 or 8 operating systems starting January 30, 2024.

GTA 4 on windows 7

     Grand Theft Auto 4 launched on Windows 7, it has been the minimum requirement for the game for a very long time. So the launch version will play perfectly on a Windows 7. However, the newer “complete version” being sold by Rockstar on their website has a minimum requirement of a Windows 7, however, that same game has a Windows 7 (Service pact1) minimum requirement on Steam for the same price. However, in 2024, Windows 7 is quite outdated, as the Steam client has ended support for Windows 7 and 8 in January 2024. So even if you buy the GTA 4 on Steam, you can’t even download the client so you can’t download the game. Rockstar also said on their site that the game will no longer support Windows 7 from January 30. This is March 2024, therefore the only way you can play GTA 4 on your Windows 7 is to find the original copy of GTA 4 either digital or physical copy, meaning you lose any and all online features.


GTA 4 on windows 8/8.1

     Windows 8/8.1 falls into the same category as Windows 7. You can play the original release version of the game, but the complete version’s minimum requirement is now Windows 1o. So the updated version (complete edition) and the DLCs cannot be accessed on a PC with Windows 8/8.1 or under. But the good news is you can play the release version at least.


GTA 4 on windows 10

     Windows 10 is the minimum stipulated OS on PC for GTA 4 “the complete edition”, the game will run smoothly as expected. Although trying to play the original release version on Windows 10 could yield some unexpected results, it is possible to run into some compatibility issues as the game wasn’t made with that version of Windows in mind, the complete edition was optimized with Windows 10 in mind, which is the best choice of anybody playing on Windows 10.

GTA 4 on windows 11

     Windows 11 can play GTA 4 complete edition. The minimum requirement for the complete edition is Windows 10, Windows 11 has met the minimum requirement, Although same as Windows 10, it could run into some compatibility issues should the original release version be played on.


     You can enjoy GTA 4 on any Windows 7 and up PC that meets the minimum requirement, although a trade-off will be made between the two different versions. The release version with no DLCs which is a lot harder to find can be played on Windows 7/8/8.1, but if you want to play the optimized version “complete edition” with all the DLCs, you MUST have a Windows 10 or 11 running on your PC.


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