Is Grand Theft Auto 4 free to play in 2024?

IntroΞ GTA 4 has been out for quite some time, closing in on 15 years today, given its release date of April 2008. After such time, it is fair to ask whether GTA 4 has gone free to play.

GTA 4 cover art,-credit: Rockstar

     GTA 4 has been out on the market for about a decade and a half. So many ask that after such a long time, with over 25 million copies sold, and billions in profit, whether Rockstar has made GTA 4 free. Well, sadly no, money is still money and Rockstar wants every single Dollar they could make from their masterpiece, can they be blamed though? 

     Well, the good thing is given the game’s age, and the fact that most gamers have already played the game, it is very easy to find deals and discounts for the complete game, that is including its DLCs. The game costs just $20 on both Steam and Rockstar’s own game store.


     Great discounts and deals can easily be found for GTA 4, although that would require some needed patience, all the major online retailers periodically make special offers available every once in a while. Timing is everything, as special offers can see the price of this game falling to almost free. 


Where to buy GTA 4 online?

     Steam: this is the biggest and most popular online game store available on PC. Well loved by gamers across the globe because of a wide array of gaming catalogue and seasonal sales. If you were to google “buy GTA 4 online” the first google search result will definitely be for steam, Click here to go to the Steam page for GTA 4.

     Rockstar’s game store: The second best option is Rockstar’s own game store. It isn’t as fleshed out like steam when it comes to features and functionality, but it’s more than good enough for simple game purchase.

     Amazon store: Its no surprise that the biggest online store has a wide selection of digital products like video games, GTA 4 can be purchased on Amazon along with many other games, although it is not a dedicated game store, it does a very good job at it. Click here to check out the copies of GTA 4 avaialble on Amazon.

     Playstation’s game store: In the abscence of a locally sourced copy of GTA 4 for your PS3, the online playstation market place is your best bet. You can purchase virtually any video game ever released on the PS3 on the playstation store online, along with their DLCs. 

     Xbox’s game store: Just like the Playstation, an Xbox copy can be purchased via Xbox’s game store. The Xbox 360 copy of GTA 4 can be had at the online store, and luckily unlike the Playstation counterpart, the subsequent Xbox’s support backward compatibility meaning that the Xbox1 and Xbox series (S/X) can all play the Xbox 360 version of GTA 4.

Free to play games like GTA 4

     If finances are tight and you still want to enjoy abit of open world carnage and mayhem, there are other free to play video games similar to GTA 4 that you could explore.

1. Warframe

     This free-to-play online co-operative shooter puts you in the armor of a powerful Warframe, a mechanized suit for battling across the vast solar system. Explore countless open-world planets, each with a unique environment and ecosystem. Team up with friends for co-op action as you conquer enemies and fight for control. Warframe offers immense freedom in tackling missions, similar to the spirit of Grand Theft Auto. Plus, you can choose from a staggering arsenal of weapons, from high-powered guns to deadly ninja swords. With its free-to-play model, Warframe is definitely worth checking out! (Link to Warframe website)

2. Genshin Impact

     Genshin Impact: This is a free-to-play open-world action RPG with a beautiful anime aesthetic. The game features a vast world to explore, a deep combat system, and a Gacha mechanic that allows the player to collect new characters and weapons. This also has a co-op feature, where you can play with your friends online. This game has a relatively low minimum requirement which makes it ideal for a lot of low end gamers. Its latge open world and wide array of weapons does give it that Grand theft Auto vibe, although this game is no GTA clone and its unique in its own right. Check out the official game page at this link.


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