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Is GTA 4 free to play in 2024

Wondering whether GTA 4 is free to play? or Can't swing the full price it? No sweat! We've got awesome ways you can get this great game for almost nothing aswell as other free to play allternatives.

How to use PS3 and PS4 controller on PC

How to configure and use the PS3/PS4 controller on PC ⇒IntroΞ Learn how to configure and play games on your PC with your dual shock PS3 and PS4 controller. Captain Aturoh 07/11/2023 Edited gameplay footage of Need for speed payback…

5 Console Controller you can use on PC

5 Console Controller you can use on PC ⇒IntroΞ“Experience Gaming Excellence: Enhance your PC gaming adventure with the power of console controllers. Elevate your gaming without breaking the bank.” Captain Aturoh 06/11/2023 *Controller      Are you ready to take…

Best strategy game to play on a low end PC

Best Strategy Games for Budget and Low-End PCs in 2023 ⇒IntroΞIn this article, we’ll take a look at some of the best strategy games that you can play on a low-end PC Captain Aturoh 04/11/2023 Edited gameplay footage of civilization…

genshin impact intel hd 620

Genshin Impact cover picture

Playing Genshin Impact on the Intel HD 520 and 620 ⇒SUMMARYΞ Playable on lower settings lock 30FPS @ 720p Not suited for Competitive gameplay   Genshin Impact on Intel HD 520 and 620 Genshin Impact exploded in popularity in 2020 shortly…